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Chapter 3344 – All Grown Up competition twig
Immediately after acquiring his grandfather’s response, You Feng Yu’s eyeballs were actually brilliant since he said to Ji Nian Yu meaningfully, “My grandpa is on his way right here now. Are you going to wait around for him or scurry away like a rat?”
It was more than 200 many years since he acquired final witnessed Little Dark-colored, Little White-colored, and Minimal Gold. The small versions were actually all grown up now.
Duan Ling Tian recalled some time whenever the trio were actually just little ones if they attained their human forms. The three folks right before him acquired grown up and checked being his time. At this point, he finally came to the realization why he obtained located the trio so familiar people were the two tiny pythons and the tiny fantastic computer mouse who implemented him before.

“Palace Become an expert in!” The t.i.tled Celestial Emperors coming from the Incredible Swimming pool area Palace cried in terror after they saw the badly hurt You Feng Yu.
The Four Feathers
You Feng Yu hastily mobilized his strength to defend himself, but he was no match for Ji Nian Yu.
With one of these words and phrases, anyone, which include Duan Ling Tian, looked over three young adults ranking behind Ji Nian Yu and also the tasteful elegance.
Yang Jian, that Yang Xiao Tian treated as his eldest brother, got delivered him along in order to reach Ji Nian Yu before to task Ji Nian Yu to a duel. Initially, Yang Jian was no fit for Ji Nian Yu in any way and would always go through a huge whipping. It absolutely was only a short while ago that Yang Jian could overcome to the bring with Ji Nian Yu.
Currently, Ji Nian You’s view suddenly uncovered Yang Xiao Tian, the Howling Heaven Celestial Emperor. “No ask yourself I recently found you familiar… Aren’t you the Three-Eyed Celestial Emperor’s Howling Paradise Celestial Puppy? How to find you accomplishing in the Perfect Pool area Palace? You are more satisfied being with the Three-eyes Celestial Emperor…” He shook his go after his ideas.
Every person, like Pei Yuan Ji therefore you Feng Yu, s.h.i.+fted their attention to Duan Ling Tian as soon as they read these words.
Once you Feng Yu concluded conversing, Ji Nian Yu’s expression darkened slightly. He scoffed just before he flashed and reappeared in front of You Feng Yu.
Ji Nian Yu calmly said, “You Feng Yu, you haven’t improved the least little bit even though countless years have pa.s.sed. Even that fresh woman is significantly more powerful than you…” He glanced at Xu Ya Si quickly at the end of his words and phrases.
Other individuals might panic Ji Nian Yu, however you Feng Yu was not. Similar to Meng Chuan, he realized Ji Nian Yu would not remove him as a consequence of his grandfather, the Incredible Emperor of the Boundless Heaven. However he did not attention considerably relating to the death on the Incredible Flames Celestial Emperor, he had to keep up his imposing air to keep everyone’s mood substantial. In fact, he could observe the Rising Celestial Emperor and also the Water Staff Celestial Emperor acquired opinion of retreating.
“So he’s Ji Yu Nian, the Fragmentary Factor Celestial Emperor as well as Grand Elder from the dragon clan in the Ten Thousand Beasts Paradise?”
It was in excess of 200 yrs since he possessed last observed Very little Black color, Small White, and Minimal Rare metal. The little styles have been all grown up now.
“How horrifying!”
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Ji Nian Yu calmly said, “You Feng Yu, you haven’t enhanced the slightest tad even though a great number of a long time have pa.s.sed. Even that youthful female is significantly much stronger than you…” He glanced at Xu Ya Si quickly at the end of his ideas.
Everybody, which include Pei Yuan Ji and You Feng Yu, s.h.i.+fted their focus on Duan Ling Tian as soon as they read these terms.
“Little Black colored?” Duan Ling Tian mentioned tentatively when he looked over the dark-clad youthful man who was nearly as big as him. However he realized the ident.i.ty of the black-clad fresh gentleman now, he still found it challenging to believe.
Ji Nian Yu simply shattered through You Feng Yu’s safeguard and struck him with the chest area, giving him traveling inside the fresh air. He spat out a mouthful of blood flow when he aimed to balance his ground.
“Little Dark?” Duan Ling Tian mentioned tentatively as he looked at the dark-clad youthful mankind who was almost as big as him. Though he was aware the ident.i.ty from the black color-clad small man now, he still thought it was not easy to feel.
Ji Nian Yu calmly mentioned, “You Feng Yu, you haven’t enhanced the slightest bit even though a lot of many years have pa.s.sed. Even that little woman is really a lot stronger than you…” He glanced at Xu Ya Si briefly following his thoughts.
“So he’s Ji Yu Nian, the Fragmentary Ingredient Celestial Emperor and the Lavish Elder on the dragon clan during the Ten Thousand Beasts Heaven?”
‘Little Black colored? Little Whitened?’ Duan Ling Tian was surprised by the trio’s chat that he or she failed to observe the other individuals in any way. He viewed the trio all over again for a second prior to awareness dawned on him. His cardiovascular raced in his upper body as he believed to themself, ‘I-it is them? They’ve all evolved!’
Ji Nian Yu effortlessly broke through You Feng Yu’s protection and smacked him for the pectoral, sending him flying in the surroundings. He spat out a mouthful of blood because he attempted to support his ground.
Yang Jian, that Yang Xiao Tian addressed as his eldest sibling, acquired moved him along to fulfill Ji Nian Yu during the past to concern Ji Nian Yu to the duel. At first, Yang Jian was no go with for Ji Nian Yu at all and would always endure a heavy overcoming. It turned out only a little while ago that Yang Jian could deal with to your draw with Ji Nian Yu.
At this time, You Feng Yu, the Palace Learn from the Heavenly Swimming pool area Palace, welcomed Ji Yu Nian with the unattractive expression on his encounter. “Elder Ji.” How could he not displeased the fact that Intense Flame Celestial Emperor, that his maternal grandpa, the Divine Emperor of your Boundless Paradise, had provided for help him, experienced passed away? He said frostily, “The Intense Fire Celestial Emperor was dispatched by my grandfather to assist me capture these prisoners. I am hoping you can give an explanation on the reasons why you wiped out him…”
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“I’ve come across the Fragmentary Factor Celestial Emperor ahead of! To assume he wiped out the Intense Flame Celestial Emperor, who had been one of many most robust t.i.tled Celestial Emperors from the services in the Perfect Emperor on the Boundless Heaven, so easily!”
On the other hand, the six t.i.tled Celestial Emperors who obtained escaped from the Thousand Stores Prison lighted track of hope every time they found Ji Yu Nian though they were surprised and surprised by Ji Yu Nian’s physical appearance along with his objective in order to.
Dependant on Ji Nian Yu’s words, it seemed like he experienced showed up some time ago and was noticing the battle.
Section 3344: All Grown Up

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