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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 1071 – Reversing Yin and Yang noise fowl
In the next subsequent, the frustrating cool unwanted gas completely perished the logger’s number. Besides the cool unwanted gas, there was few other force. Not really a very small fire may be seen.
In the next following, the mind-boggling frosty fumes completely drowned the logger’s determine. Aside from the freezing gas, there is no other push. Not even a very small flame may very well be seen.
All the different the flames has become small and smaller. Eventually, these people were restricted to a tiny vicinity. The logger showed up just as before as though he could not preserve his Terror kind.
“Not great.”
“The lunar calamity is unavoidable. I ponder where my Moon G.o.ddess Temple may go at some point.”
Logically talking, the logger was guaranteed to eliminate if he couldn’t even keep his Terror shape, but for some reason, Zhou Wen noticed his coronary heart palpitate as he noticed Wei Ge’s encounter. He had a nagging experiencing that one thing was about to happen.
Chapter 1071: Reversing Yin and Yang
Logically discussing, the logger was likely to drop if he couldn’t even maintain his Terror develop, but for whatever reason, Zhou Wen noticed his heart palpitate as he discovered Wei Ge’s face. He possessed a nagging feeling that a thing was approximately to take place.
“Not fantastic.”
However, they had little idea what condition these people were in. They viewed the quaking and cracking floor with vision stuffed with scary.
Zhou Wen transformed his brain. He couldn’t start to see the logger any more. On the other hand, he could see lovely flames getting rid of around the Plant of Immortality. Wounds shown up out of skinny oxygen for the Plant of Immortality’s entire body being the hardwood splinters that splattered out burnt off during the atmosphere.
“Is there not any other way?” Zhou Wen questioned which has a frown.
Zhou Wen converted his head. He couldn’t start to see the logger any further. Nonetheless, he could see beautiful fire burning off around the Tree of Immortality. Cuts made an appearance beyond thin oxygen in the Shrub of Immortality’s system because the wooden splinters that splattered out burned inside the surroundings.
It turned out to be evident how potent the impact on the Elixir of Immortality were. Even now, the medicinal benefits were constantly erupting.
The toad came out all over again. Right then, its whole body was included in frost, just like it turned out an ice cubes sculpture. Even with no its Terror modification, it still produced a horrifying ice cold atmosphere.
Break! Break!
Moon G.o.ddess’s voice entered Zhou Wen’s ear. Practically all at once, the ice cubes for the logger’s physique completely shattered since he regained his flexibility.
“Leave. I am reluctant there won’t certainly be a moon from now on.”
Zhou Wen was alarmed.
“How could this be feasible! He evidently has blaze-elemental powers, and it’s a fireplace-elemental power which includes already Terror transformed. How can he suddenly change to an ice pack?” Ice cubes Maiden was alarmed as she stared at the logger in disbelief.
“Not very good.”
The world would bone fracture, volcanoes would erupt, and seawater would drown almost everything. Human beings experienced nowhere to disguise. 99.99% of over 10 billion individuals would perish inside a short time period.
A small shattering noise might be read by using Real truth Listener. It left Zhou Wen feeling extremely apprehensive.
Chapter 1071: Reversing Yin and Yang
Zhou Wen was alarmed.
Zhou Wen switched his top of your head. He couldn’t observe the logger any more. Even so, he could see wonderful flames burning up across the Tree of Immortality. Cuts showed up away from slim air for the Shrub of Immortality’s physique since the wood splinters that splattered out burnt off on the atmosphere.
“Oh no! The Elixir of Immortality is highly processed in the Shrub of Immortality which has the Yin attribute. It could possibly improve Chang’e’s Yin feature and is very helpful against blaze-elemental power. Nevertheless, ever since the logger has switched for the an ice pack attribute, Chang’e’s capability to hold back him has greatly damaged. It’s out of the question to get rid of or curb him now. When the connection between the Elixir of Immortality fade away, no person is able to stop the logger. It appears similar to the Moon is bound to be destined this period.”
“Not excellent.”
“Oh no! The Elixir of Immortality is enhanced from your Shrub of Immortality containing the Yin attribute. It might boost Chang’e’s Yin attribute as well as being very helpful against fire-elemental abilities. Even so, since the logger has switched on the ice feature, Chang’e’s capability to curb him has greatly weaker. It’s not possible to get rid of or curb him now. Once the outcomes of the Elixir of Immortality disappear, nobody will end the logger. It appears like the Moon will truly be condemned on this occasion.”
“Is there not one other way?” Zhou Wen questioned which has a frown.
Zhou Wen looked over and saw that once the cold gas dissipated, the logger’s human body came out. It had already turned into an an ice pack sculpture and was completely freezing.

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